Hive Removals 

We have all come to learn that we need bees in our life. But what do you do when you have a growing hive in your home or business? You call Caraway Pest Control! We preform live removals, hive cut-outs, and bee exclusions on a structure to prevent further bee activity.

For live bee extraction we will open up the area affected, and begin trapping the bees by a special "Bee" vacuum.

The suction has to be just right otherwise bees will be harmed during the vacuuming process.

Live bees in the bucket after being suctioned from the house.

Over 20 lbs of honey and comb was removed from this house. This was a small hive. We do harvest some of the honey, however; the majority of the comb is salvaged for re-hiving the bees in Magnolia, TX.

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